120 North 79th Street | Seattle WA 98103


Fostering a life-long love of learning through excellent religious, academic, and co-curricular activities ● Student-centered curriculum and instruction based on unique learning styles
Imparting to children the understanding that they are children of God ● Welcoming students and families of all faiths while maintaining our Catholic identity
Partnering with parents to educate their children ● Active parent involvement and participation in the lives of our children
Assistance for families with financial need ● Welcoming students and families of all faiths while maintaining our Catholic identity
Leadership & Service
Encouraging our youth to reach out to join and serve the larger community ● Stewardship of our time, talent, and treasure for the common good of Church, society, and the global community

What Makes a St. John Education Distinctive?

  • Learning
  • Values
  • Community
  • Accessibility
  • Leadership & Service

Welcome to St. John School

School Theme:  "Living Our Faith As Children of God"

Pre K - 8 Grade levels at St. John School
538 Number of students enrolled
65 % of faculty holding advanced degrees
300 Number of students on championship cross country team
23 % diverse ethnic background
1923 Year founded by the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary
26 % Non-parish families


  1. Wednesday, May 6
    1. Gr. 5, Tiger Mtn Field Trip
    2. Gr. 3 Class Mass
      10:15 AM
  2. Thursday, May 7
    1. Gr. 5/Ocampo, Lake Sammamish State Park
    2. Progress Reports Home
    3. Cantionis Choir
      7:45 AM
    4. Art Club, Mezzanine
      3:05 PM
  3. Friday, May 8
    1. Gr. 3, Burke Museum
    2. Gr. 5/Kelley, Lake Sammamish State Park
    3. Dinner & Dodge Ball
      6:00 PM
  4. Monday, May 11
    1. Schola Choir - Mezzanine
      2:55 PM

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