Happy Mother’s Day!

If only you could all have attended the Crowning of Mary yesterday! It was a wonderful tribute to our Blessed Mother.  Mrs. Miller, kindergarten assistant teacher, created beautiful floral crowns for both statues of Mary, the one in the church and the one in the courtyard. The children placed their flowers in vases on the altar as they processed in and soon Mary was surrounded by the flowers of the fairest! The children prayed reverently and after the Rosary, Schola sang a meditation, “Oh Pure Virgin Mother” that I wished could have gone on forever (listen to it on our Facebook page!).

It was great to see so many children biking to school!  I would love to see some parents organize a walking ‘school bus’ or a biking ‘school bus’.  All it takes is for a few families that live close to each other or along the route to team up and take turns accompanying the children to school.

There are great activities going on in the classrooms also these days!  I heard the 4th grade from my office and wondered if they were warming up for a concert.  They were actually checking out the waves created by their high and low voices as they learned about sound waves.  The fifth graders, in preparation for their trip to Tiger Mountain debated the best use of our Greenways. Groups of students studied the area from the perspective of the various agencies and interests such as the land developer, the logging industry, wild life protection, air quality, water quality and high and low impact recreation and then present their arguments.  The discussion was lively and next week, it will be all the more authentic when they go hiking and see the impact they can have on our Greenways.  The sixth graders are getting ready to spend even more time learning about our natural environment as they head to camp soon.  Ask your children about what is going on in their classrooms!

Happy Mothers Day!


Bernadette O’Leary