CYO Basketball Registration Open

Registration is open for CYO Basketball for coaches and players. Just like for Fall Sports, you can register for Basketball online!

Registration DEADLINE: October 27th, 2016.   If you do not register your child by this date, we cannot guarantee that they will be able to participate in CYO basketball this year.

Online Registration (Sports Pilot)
This year we have a new system to manage all program information, registration details, communications, and payment processing. It will be necessary for all parents/coaches and to do a one-time account creation to setup their families and children. Coaches with kids in the system will use the same account as their children to register as a volunteer when sport registrations open. Coaches without children will just need to create their own account and volunteer. Parents will also use the system to register and pay (credit card/debit) for various sport programs. We will no longer be using paper registration or cash/check payments. The new registration system will handle many of the tasks coaches, parents, and coordinators have done manually. The tool also allows for easy communication across sports programs, teams, grades, individuals, etc. The system will also be a great resource of information to parents regarding sports season dates, registration periods, etc.

Registrations Directions (Coaches, Parents, and Players)
Follow these steps:

  1. Go to our sports page website at and click the Sports Pilot Logo to setup an account by selecting create new account and follow the steps. Or if you already registered in the fall for Soccer or cross Country, it will be that much easier to register your child for Basketball.
  2. Log In
  3. Click the Add Member button and Add all Children and adults who will be Coaches/volunteers
  4. Click Begin Registration
  5. Select one child (or coach)
  6. Select the Sport (Basketball)
  7. Select the Grade and gender for your child
  8. Select the set player/coach fee (note: coaches are $0 and only offered for ages >18)
  9. Agree to Sports Pilot terms (i.e.: they will not solicit or share your info) and Agree to CYO terms (same found on paper forms from previous years). Please discuss the code of conduct with your children as part of the acknowledgment is you agreeing to them in reading the Players Code of Conduct.
  10. Complete all required fields for your child. Please note: The Archdiocese is requiring various fields for reporting purposes.
  11. Notes field. Please type on special instruction or question. Since this is a new process be sure to also send these questions and notes alternatively if you find them important as the team is not completely sure how these will be presented to us and handled.
  12. Select continue
  13. Product Select if you need to purchase a mesh basketball jersey. Select the appropriate size.
  14. Confirm and PayAssessments for teams will take place beginning on Tuesday, November 1 (Unless your child’s team is in Soccer Playoffs that week).  For 4th and 5th grade, teams will be separated by gender and the teams will split up as evenly as possible.  For 6th – 8th grade there will be Varsity and JV teams for both Boys and Girls.  Independent assessors will be evaluating to separate the teams according to CYO rules. Practices will start the week after assessments.Games start the weekend of 11/19.  There is a week off for Thanksgiving, then one game each weekend for the first three weekends of December.  There are then four games (one per weekend) between January 7th and January 28th.  Playoffs will be held for 6th – 8th grade the first two weeks of February.Your child’s specific practice and game schedule will be communicated by your child’s coach following the assignment of teams.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at or by phone at 206-300-0741.

    Matt Deines
    Basketball Coordinator
    St. John/Al’s CYO