We’re through the first month and a half of the year –
Our long weekend reward is finally here.

In honor of presidents of the U.S. of A.,
Consider a SCRIP card – it’s quite easy to pay!

There’s gas cards and Nordstrom and of course QFC.
Just email the team and you soon shall see!

How easy it is and such support you provide
Along this special journey of the St. John Ride!

It’s part of Fair Share which makes us unique.
It’s one of the reasons St. John people seek!

Don’t forget to buy SCRIP! Email us!

What is SCRIP you ask?
Raise money for St. John School by shopping with gift cards for everyday purchases like food, clothing, and entertainment. Each scrip gift card you purchase earns a rebate for St. John School. Scrip is the powerful “no selling” fundraiser.

How do I participate in the SCRIP program?

  • Standing Orders: Sign up for a standing order by sending the Scrip team an email, detailing the cards you would like and how often. Payment is due to the school office on Wednesdays and cards will be delivered to your child on Fridays.
  • Regular Orders: Just send your order form, along with a check to the school office.  You will receive your scrip the following Friday.

If you haven’t gotten that special someone a gift for Presidents’ Day yet, grab your check book and buy scrip! Scrip will be sold after all three masses this weekend, February 18 and 19.