Thank You Open House Volunteers

Thank you to the following 7th grade tour guides who showed prospective families around at the All School Open House on Sunday–Francesca B., Lucy B., Elayna G., Gabby J., Ella K., Connor L., Lainey M., Ginna O., Dela P., Mila S., Shelley T., Lily T., and Kiki Y.. They did a fantastic job!

Thank you to those volunteers who helped us set up, serve, and clean-upJennifer Bell, Jennifer Dahl, Marion Eberly, MaryBeth Gilbrough, Mary Lamb, Crystal McCants, Teddy Metcalf, Amy Murphy, Ellen Petre, Julie Skinner, Karen Smiley, Kate Smith, and Jennie Steldt.

And lastly, thank you to all the bakers–your contributions are much appreciated–Jennifer Bachhuber, Anne Belen, Jennifer Bell, Ciara Byars, Karen Bombino, Andrea Boorman, Anita Chan, Jennifer Dahl, Meg Deines, Sarah Dorscht, Marion Eberly, Ali Feary, Kimberly James, Gretchen Kudla, Mary Lamb, Rachel Lambert, Brent LaMotte, Monica Lenoci, Glorilyn Maw, April McKee, Carlene Merlino, Paige McNerthney, Rachelle Overby, Ellen Petre, Emily Quint, Maureen Rimkus, Beth Rubin, Christine Sourov, Nelle Steele, Di Tran, Teresa Willson, Jennifer Wistrom, Jill Vincenzo, and Teri Vispo-Cuba.