In the World of Sports

  • Grade 2 Boys Flag Football Team will be in the playoffs on Saturday, June 2, 5:30pm and 6pm at Loyal Heights Playfield.  Come and cheer the players on – it will be a beautiful day!
  • Grade 7/8 Boys CYO Baseball Team made it to the Championships!  Come cheer on the team on Sunday, June 3, 3pm at Walt Hundley Field.
  • CYO Soccer and Cross Country, both Fall sports are forming teams now!  Be sure to sign your student up before heading out for the summer!  Link here.
  • CYO Track & Field Championships will be held Saturday, June 2, at Highline Stadium in Burien.  Congrats to all for a great season.  The following will be participating in the Championship games:  Danaya J., Cliff R., Peyton C., Dahnya C., Charlie S., Martin S.-M., Nikka D., Pearl S., Craig L., Bea M., Milo B., Craig L., Caitlin L., Brooklyn W., Hope L. D., Will P., Oliver T., Ben A., Xavi D., Brevon C., Jonah M., Hunter D., David S.-M., Evan M., Declan L., Trason C., Victoria F., Sarah W., Alex P., Greta F., Claire S., Ryker D., James E., Will E., Skye L. D., John Paul B., Rory B., Libby S., Lucy B., Louie S., Jackson S., Ashton F., Katey M., Natalie C., Chloe S., Zac A., Hannah K., JP F., Sam L., Ben N., Nick C., Allie H., and Charlie M.  Come out and cheer for the team!