Jog-a-thon time!

As you read this NewsViews, I am at the Principals’ Retreat out at the Seabeck Conference Center. Our topic is Christ in the Classroom. Fr. Ron Nuzzi, from Notre Dame, will lead us in presentations, which we bring back to the schools and then present to the teachers, who will bring it on to the students. I enjoy networking and learning with my colleagues, but I do not like being absent from opportunities to meet with you, parents. Unfortunately, I have to miss the Middle School Curriculum Night.  I am grateful to Mr. Paul Kelley, Assistant Principal who will present tonight. Even more disappointing, I will miss the beginning of the Jog-a-thon! I intend to ‘escape’ as soon as I can to be back here to run my laps!

MAP testing began this week and, despite a rocky start due to a technological ‘hiccup’ testing is going well. The students are practicing good Habits of Mind, persisting and striving for accuracy.

The faculty was also tested! The Trustey STEM Fellows, Miss Gudaitis, Ms. Kelley and Mr. Tice (don’t forget the SvEndowment!) challenged us to complete an engineering project as they presented their STEM impact plan at a faculty meeting.  See the attached to learn more about this program. We are on our way to implementing one of the goals of our Strategic Plan.

Speaking of Strategic Plan, I wish to thank all the departing members of the School Commission who invested so much time and energy as we researched and prepared the plan that will guide us through the next five years and more: Molly O’Connor, Lorna Luebbe, Sarah Dorscht, Jane Blaylock, Dottie Farewell. I am especially grateful to Molly O’Connor, who chaired the commisison for two terms!  Tuesday night we had our first meeting of the year with new School Commission.  The new Chairperson is Patrick Owens and we welcome new members, Kathy Beck, Andy Clapp, Matt Diefenbach, and Patrick McNerthney.  We are very grateful to past and current members of the School Commission for your service.

Remember that Mrs. Q will be on the first floor east hallway every morning to hand out tardy slips. After that, she comes back to her office, just outside mine on the second floor. Should you need to check your child out for an appointment during the school day, please find us on the second floor. The buzzer on the NE door of the main building rings to both spaces.

Thank you so much for the cereals, crackers, granola, applesauce and so much for our neighbors at Broadview Thomson. Fr. Crispin was delighted to see so many of you at the Mass for The Blessing of the Backpacks. Yesterday, he joined the seventh graders for Mass at their retreat over at Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center. They were blessed with a gorgeous day and stunning views over Puget Sound as they celebrated community.

Please keep in your prayers, Mrs. Vanessa Castillo, preschool teacher. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s in Stage 2. As ever, Mrs. Castillo is so positive.  Here are her words: “Thank God, it was caught early enough, so yes! It’s curable!”

Thank you also for supporting the Jog-a-thon! We are so close to our goal. The excitement is building and I heard discussions about purple and gold spirit! Get ready to run and have fun!

Bernadette O’Leary