Are you being present in the waiting or too busy buying presents? Many of us frequently rush so quickly onto the next task that we may overlook opportunities to experience joy in the moments: in a smile, in the beauty of the bare trees against the sky, or the softness of the raindrops, in that hug you get from your child at bedtime or in the charming voices of the children as they sing at the Christmas Programs. Let us slow down and allow these moments of enduring truth to lift our hearts. See you tonight in church and at Egan Hall.

You may have heard by now that Mr. Thomas Breysse is back at St. John. In January he will assume the lead teacher role in the 4th grade. As previously communicated (NewsViews, 8/23/18) Mrs. Ocampo’s appointment to the 4th grade was temporary and once the school was able to hire a qualified teacher, she would return to her role as the Learning Specialist on the Student Support Team. We are grateful for Mrs. Ocampo’s willingness to guide the 4th graders this fall and she and Mr. Breysse, along with the entire intermediate team, are currently working together to ensure a successful transition for the class.  Mr. Breysse recently completed his teaching degree and student teaching assignment at Ingraham High School where he taught Social Studies to 9th graders. Mr. Breysse was employed at St. John School as the in-house substitute teacher (2015-2018). During his time here he substituted in all grade levels, including extended periods for Mrs. Hendrickson’s 2nd grade. Mr. Breysse is very familiar with the St. John culture and knows the children well. He is a trusted colleague and confident educator. He is excited by the opportunity to officially lead his own class.

In other news, Mrs. Maria Arruela will also complete her time with the 4th graders on December 21. She returned to us after having taught Spanish for St. John from 1999-2001. She will still be on campus from time to time as a substitute teacher, so I am not saying goodbye! Mrs. Arruela is a wonderful addition to our faculty and I totally appreciate the engaging lessons and the care she has shown the students.

God Bless,

Bernadette O’Leary