Easy Fundraising With Big Impact

Here are a few ideas you might consider incorporating into your current purchasing routine:

  • Scrip is now easier that ever!  Order and pay for your Scrip online!  Continue below for more information.
  • Smile.Amazon     Costs you nothing, same prices, same service, same everything with the exception of your purchase generating a donation to St. John School.  Sign up, choose a non-profit, and always use Smile.Amazon for your purchases. St. John School has earned over $5,000 from the beginning of July, $3,423.53 of that just since October 2018!  This is an easy one – we all shop on Amazon, now we can “smile” about it!
  • Great American     Supporting St. John School through magazines for many, many years, Great American offers magazine subscriptions, gifts, gift boxes of treats, and more.  St. John School has received $709.00 from purchases made in the 18/19 school year already.  Same or similar prices as elsewhere, with a donation coming to your school.  Take a look at all that is available.
  • BoxTops for Education     Clipping and turning in BoxTops really makes a difference when it comes to replacing and adding to our assortment of playground equipment.  You eat the food (see the complete list of products participating), your children get new jump ropes, balls, and other interesting play equipment Mrs. Dahlgren (Our Lady of Asphalt) discovers for our students!  How much can we earn? St. John School has earned $12,908.75 since school year 14/15, but we can do more!  Harwood Elementary in Harwood, ND has earned $100,299!  Imperial Beach in Imperial Beach, CA has earned $10,196.80. Send your BoxTops to the school office and our great team will get them submitted!
  • Ebates     Earn a percentage of your purchases online for St. John School.  Simply use the Ebates portal to link to your store of choice (download the “button”), Ebates will let you know if the store participates and, if so, what the rebate percentage is, and adds that percentage to your quarterly rebate check.  You can choose St. John School as the recipient of your shopping by entering St. John School and address in the “mail my check to this recipient” in “my account settings.”  Cool!

Do you have easy fundraising ideas? Send your thoughts to Diane Crockett, dcrockett@st-johnschool.org.