Friday Morning Lenten Silence

One of our traditions at St. John School during Lent is Morning Lenten Silence on Fridays.  Tomorrow we will begin our day with Silence once the students are settled in their classrooms.  An announcement will go over the speaker to begin, and again to end.  During Silence, we ask parents and students to not ring the entry doorbell, refrain from conversation in the hallways or boisterous conversations around the perimeter of the campus.  During Silence, students are asked to reflect on Jesus, how we can be more like Him, our place in our Father’s plan, our families, or other worthwhile contemplation.

Silence lasts for just two minutes and although these two minutes are brief they can be surprisingly impactful to those participating.  Students arriving late are asked to wait until Silence is over before proceeding to class and participate as they wait.  If you are on campus during Silence, please do join us in this moment of meditation.