Happy Spring!

All week, the glorious sunshine and the beautiful moon have reminded me of the abundance of blessings that I receive daily. We are well aware of the dire warnings of climate change, and then we experience these bright moments of joy. We hear about and see around us poverty and violence, yet we must persist in valuing tolerance and spreading messages of goodness and love.

I visited the fourth grade on Monday and the students were setting goals for this new trimester. It is hard to believe that we are in the final one of the year! It is a good time to set those goals so that the students can finish on a high note! I am also about to make the annual report to the Western Catholic Education Association on how we are doing as we progress through the accreditation target goals we set in 2017. We have six years to meet those goals and we are doing very well. We also set goals for our school community as we created the Strategic Plan. Goals keep us moving forward and by breaking them down into smaller tasks, they are achievable. Having goals keeps us accountable and they help us strategize and focus. Checking our progress helps us to reflect and to be open to redirection. Have a chat with your children about their goals for this trimester and ways you can support them.
Many of you practice the goal of attending and supporting every event we have here at St. John! Thank you, as that also benefits your children.

The Sweetheart Dance was so well attended and so entertaining for all who attended. It was a red-carpet glamor night for our couples! Thank you to PA chairs Liz Overland and Chris Sourov, and the many volunteers who made this event so successful. We have more great nights in store for you.

  • March Crabness is this Saturday. Enjoy the camaraderie and eat Dungeness Crab as you watch March Madness basketball games!
  • STEM night is on March 28th. Come with your children and enjoy the many opportunities to practice and extend your math, science, engineering and tech knowledge.
  • Each Friday during Lent, at 2:30, the students lead the Stations of the Cross, and at 6:00 we have the Soup Supper.
  • Join us for the Auction, No Ná Keiki ‘O St. John on April 5.  Tickets are selling really quickly this year so don’t miss out!

The events mentioned above enhance our sense of community as well as benefitting the programs.  We also have many opportunities for you to serve  – both as volunteers at the events and in many other areas throughout the school. One area we need your support is in bringing your children to Mass on Sundays.  We really need more altar servers!  We have trained over 150 children, but the same fifteen children continually serve at the weekends.  This is an area where parish families can add some more fair share!   As an added incentive for the students who serve at weekend Masses, I am going to have free dress coupons in my office, as they ‘chose’ to wear an alb on a Saturday or a Sunday!  I am very grateful to Fr. Crispin’s angels.

God Bless,

Bernadette O’Leary