Hip Hop & Lobster for the Endowment, October 6

The St. John School community is blessed in many ways. We have newly constructed classrooms, the best lunch program in the city, and kind, involved teachers. St. John also has an Endowment fund that reached a major milestone this past year. Past and present families have given to this fund, and this year, we were fortunate to take a percentage of that fund for teachers’ salaries. Thank you.

In order to celebrate the Endowment and our milestone, Ethan Stowell and ESR have graciously agreed to close down Cortina restaurant Sunday, October 6 to fundraise solely for St. John School. Yes, it is a Sunday, but it can still be a girls’, guys’, parents’, ‘lets-support-St. John’ night out, and it will surely put you in a great mood for the week ahead!

Please consider coming to this one-of-a-kind Endowment event; it will be a wonderful celebration of our St. John community and raise funds for many years to come! If you cannot make it to Hip Hop & Lobster, please consider donating directly to the Endowment. The students and teachers will thank you!