Peace and Kindness

Though it was cold and blustery yesterday, we found warmth and friendship in our Peace and Kindness Mass.  Led by first graders and their eighth grade buddies, our Peace and Kindness Mass reflected our purpose to actively live our theme, Be Kind.  We were all thankful to start our day with fellowship and goodwill.  We are also grateful that ambassadors and board members from the Fulcrum Foundation joined us at mass.

The Fulcrum Foundation leverages financial assistance to support and strengthen Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Seattle primarily through tuition assistance grants, school partnership grants, and grants for transformational leaders. As you might recall last year we were the recipients of a generous grant from the Fulcrum Foundation to help fund a portion of the new fire alarm system in the main school building.  After Mass, our knowledgeable and welcoming eighth graders gave the board members a tour of our school, then teachers and students from different grades chatted with them about the qualities that make our community so special.  Some of the visitors stayed on and enjoyed a delicious school lunch prepared by Chef Michael and the kitchen staff.  Thank you Fulcrum Foundation for visiting our school and for supporting the mission of St. John and all parish schools.

One of the qualities of which we are most proud is the active, sincere involvement of students and parents, and that was on full display with our Cross Country team.  Our community is so proud of our Cross Country Team!  With over 200 runners and 25 volunteers, the Cross Country team wrapped up a great season last Sunday by bringing home the championship trophy with 369 points, edging out St. Anne (365) and St. Joseph (340) for the #1 spot among all schools (AAA and AA).  Practice, participation, and giving it all on race day brought home our first place finish.  Even more commendable is our Spirit Award.  CYO selected our team as the recipient for this award, a tribute to everyone’s attitude, participation, and the overall positive spirit of our program.  We are so proud of our runners, their achievements, and especially their sportsmanship.  And we are so very grateful for our volunteers, Team Coordinator Brent LaMott, and Coach Joe Sperry for guiding us to a grand finish.

And keeping with the running theme tomorrow we celebrate all things Jog-a-thon. Will your family win the Springfree Trampoline? Thank you again for all your support of this popular fundraiser.

To keep our community safe and prepared, be sure to read the Emergency and/or Weather Closures post in this week’s NewsViews and update any changes to your contact information, including Emergency Contacts, in your PowerSchool account.

Our week begins each Monday with the eighth graders’s presentation of the Eagle News Network.  They lead us in prayer and the recitation of the mission statement.  They give us the week’s news, sports updates and the weather forecast.  They remind us to eat our vegetables and to be healthy.  Each broadcast ends with a message on kindness and the call to be a good Eagle!

To all you Eagle parents out there,

God bless,

Bernadette O’Leary