79th and Greenwood Construction: Public Comment Period Open

You may have noticed the large land-use signs proposing a new 6-story, 72-unit apartment building with retail and parking for 8 vehicles on the corner of 79th and Greenwood.  School and parish administration, along with the School Commission, have been and continue to track the project.  Furthermore, school administrators:

  • Attended the Early Design Review Meeting on July 29
  • Submitted public comments
  • Have been in contact with the owner, the architect, and the Seattle Department of Transportation and expressed concerns regarding traffic flow, parking, and student/pedestrian safety
  • Advocated for an in-depth traffic study of the area, which has been confirmed by the City of Seattle

A second comment period is now opened to the public.  If you would like to offer feedback, submit your comments to the City now.  This is your last opportunity to do so.  The deadline to submit is 11/12/19.

For more information, go to the Seattle Services Portal and enter project number:  3032858-LU.  Early Design Guidance notes can be accessed with project number:  3033073-EG.

Questions? Contact Assistant Principal, Paul Kelley.

As always, please be mindful of our neighbors, student/pedestrian safety, and our drop off/pick up protocols.