How Does Fair Share Work?

Each year the Principal and School Commission present the school budget for the coming year.  These figures are used to determine the cost to educate each student by dividing total expenses by anticipated enrollment. Out-of-parish families pay the full cost to educate – this is their Fair Share.  Families registered and active in the parish are asked to strive to meet the suggested parish tuition and, prayerfully considering resources, come to a determination of the maximum they can afford to pay towards the cost of their child(ren)’s education.  Each family, in-parish or out-of-parish, is expected to commit the maximum in time and talent as well as treasure.

This financial and volunteer commitment is turned in at the facilitation/registration meeting in February.  Your pledge is strictly confidential.  Financial paperwork is kept separate from new student applications and is not a factor in the admission process.

Next week’s Fair Share topic will focus on the difference between Parish Tuition and Cost to Educate.  Stay tuned!