Fair Share: Parish Tuition and Cost to Educate

What is the difference between the Suggested Parish Tuition and Cost to Educate?

The Cost to Educate reflects what St. John spends to educate one student for one year.  The number is arrived at by dividing the school budget by the number of students expected for the coming year.  The Cost to Educate is the same for each child regardless of parish membership.  The Suggested Parish Tuition number reflects the fact that parish families are expected to support the parish through their weekly tithing.  The school is the parish’s largest mission, and the parish supports the school through in-kind contributions, such as insurance, facilities, utilities, etc.

How is the difference made up between the cost to run the school and the tuition received?

The difference between what parents pay and the cost to run the school is made up of fundraising (Auction, JOG-A-THON, SCRIP, etc.) and donations (annual fund, parish blue envelopes, bequests, United Way contributions, and corporate matching gifts).  Each year, St. John School raises approximately $600,000 to bridge this gap.

What if you pay more than the suggest parish tuition or full cost to educate tuition?

Any amount pledged over the Suggested Parish Tuition (for parish members) or Cost to Educate (for out-of-parish members) is considered a donation to the school annual fund.  The Development Office will bill separately for this amount.  If your employer has a matching gift program, this portion of your total pledge may be eligible for a match. Please see your employer’s human resources department and consider consulting a tax advisor.

Next week’s Fair Share topic will focus on why we have a Fair Share program.  Stay tuned!