Scrip, BoxTops, Magazines


  • Scrip is one of three fundraisers that all families pledge on their contract to support. Scrip (gift cards) purchases account for up to $50,000 of our annual budget, supporting programs for our students.  Contact Scrip for more information on the program; it’s so easy to earn valuable returns for the school and your students!  You already buy groceries and gas; why not make your dollar go further?

BoxTops for Education

  • Turn in your boxtops to the school office by late February so we can meet the submission date, early March!  You are also able to submit virtually with your phone.  Learn more here.  All funds brought in by BoxTops support our students on the playground, with balls, hula hoops, jump ropes, more!


  • Hard copy and digital copy publications earn St. John School 40% of the purchase price!  We all love magazines; they make great gifts for young and old.  Visit Great American School Store (GAS) to make your selection now!