Stay Healthy Streets

Throughout April and May, over 27 miles of Neighborhood Greenways were upgraded to Stay Healthy Streets and opened to people walking, rolling, and biking.  One of the Stay Healthy Streets is 1st Ave. NW, which runs adjacent to St. John Parish and School.

Over the next few weeks, the City of Seattle is gathering input on making these Stay Healthy Streets permanent.  As physical distancing becomes the new normal, Stay Healthy Streets are an important tool for  Seattleites  to get outside for some exercise.  However, the impact of making 1st Ave. NW a permanent Stay Healthy Street, especially when in-person school resumes at both St. John and Greenwood Elementary, has to be considered.  The two blocks of 1st Ave. NW, between 79th and 81st streets, are heavily utilized by cars and school buses.  This week school administrators from both St. John and Greenwood Elementary met with Senior Transportation Planners from the City to voice our concerns.  You are also encouraged to share comments by email to the Stay Healthy Streets program at or go to the Stay Healthy Streets page to take the online survey.

In the meantime, continue to walk, run and ride your bike.  Hopefully our new stay healthy habits will stay with us, and we will all walk to school and reduce our carbon footprints!

We also received an update on the building project that is being planned at the corner of 79th and Greenwood.  While the project appears to be moving forward some of our concerns regarding traffic, shade and privacy were addressed by the Administrative Design Review.  You can read the entire document online.  The project number is 3032858-LU.