Summer Learning at St. John

Research shows that students tend to score lower on reading and math achievement tests at the end of summer than they did just before the summer holidays.  This phenomenon is sometimes called the “summer slide.”

To promote your child’s mind, body, and spirit, St. John teachers are offering an opportunity to continue making growth over the summer towards our school-wide learning expectations.

We are offering the option to complete bingo boards in reading, math, and wellness as a fun way to incentivize summer learning!  Complete one row of each bingo board over the summer to win a prize when school resumes in the fall!  Choose the bingo packet that corresponds with the student’s grade level THIS year:  Primary Bingo, Intermediate Bingo, Middle School Bingo.  Preschool students are encouraged to play as well and should use the Primary Bingo packet.  Mrs. Longton has also provided summer books lists in the packets to help you with your endeavors.

Summer Solutions® is another way to beat the summer slide and continue to enrich your studies this summer!  Summer Solutions® workbooks are now available. To order:

1. Go to
2. Choose the level that matches your child’s current grade
3. Select your books
4. Make sure to select the Common Core books
5. Enter the school code at checkout JHN98103

Your books will be delivered directly to your home this year.  Summer Solutions® is a proven winner, helping students to hit the ground running in fall.