Playground: Call for Volunteers!

With plans to reopen the campus to Primary students on Monday, 10/5 during COVID-19 times, recess will look different this year.  Instead of having an open-plan recess, cohorts will be assigned to one of four specified play areas.  Each area will be monitored by one or two adult volunteers.  We need more adults to step forward for this service.  The volunteer need is as follows:

  • Monday – 5 volunteers
  • Tuesday – 8 volunteers
  • Wednesday – 6 volunteers
  • Thursday – 7 volunteers
  • Friday – 4 volunteers

Currently, recess is scheduled for 11:15am-12:00pm.  When Intermediate students return, recess will run until 12:45pm.  As it has been shown that the risk for COVID-19 is reduced when outside, most recesses will occur outside even when it is raining.  If you can commit to this volunteer service please contact Catherine Dahlgren at AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  We are so grateful for your service.  Together, we can!