Student Portraits

Remote learners can still sign up to have their student portraits taken on Friday, 11/20, 10am-2pm.  Teachers are aware some students may miss class on Friday to be photographed.  Please note:

  • Pictures will be taken in Egan Hall
  • All orders, regardless of whether a student is on-campus or remote, will be processed through the KIDS Photography site:  ST. JOHN SCHOOL 2020 PHOTO SIGN UP
    • Families with multiple children will need to fill out one form per child
    • All picture packages will be mailed to families this year
  • Students who are not purchasing photos but want to be photographed for the yearbook should still fill out the order form and enter “no pack” in the coupon code box.  They will not be charged.  Detailed instructions are on the order form.
  • Financial Aid is available for those in need.  Please contact Diane Crockett at

Students are allowed “free dress” for their picture day; clothing should be appropriate for portraiture.  We encourage students to keep their dress modest.