“Take 10 Jumps” This Summer!

Research shows that students tend to score lower on reading and math achievement tests at the end of summer than they did just before summer break. This phenomenon is sometimes called the ‘summer slide’.

To promote your child’s mind, body, and spirit, St. John teachers encourage students to “Take 10 Jumps!” this summer. This is an opportunity for students to continue making growth towards our school-wide learning expectations. Students who complete 10 activities over the summer will earn a reward when they return to school in the fall. Students can record their activities on the “Take 10 Jumps” activity log.

Ideas for 10 Activities

  • Read 10 books, magazines, and/or articles.
  • Complete 10 math pages at the student’s grade level. (The Summer Solutions workbook is a great resource for math learning. Mrs.Olsen also has great resources on her webpage.)
  • Write 10 poems, short stories, or create a comic book.
  • Begin healthy, mindful habits:  do yoga for 10 days; begin a health journal writing about your daily healthy habits for 10 days; or write 10 entries in a personal diary, sharing your feelings and thoughts about summer. Check out Ms. Shaw’s webpage for helpful resources.