From the Playground

A note from Mrs. Catherine Dahlgren, Our Lady of Perpetual Asphalt:

Whew! This upside-down year has shown just how adaptable we are…outside all the time, color-coded and coned into play areas, masks up even when running and playing hard. I have been very blessed to have had so many flexible and dependable volunteers answer the call as recesses expanded. Most will continue into next year! I will bid a grateful farewell to two as they graduate with their 8th graders, Christine Lewis who has shared the asphalt for 13 years, and Paula Pessner for 19 years! They are Angels of the Asphalt! All the volunteers deserve recognition and heartfelt thanks for their diligence in monitoring your children, showing care and compassion for scraped knees and bruised egos, and negotiating and helping to problem solve rules of fair play. Please add your thanks to mine for their service:  Jessica Christofferson, Vincent Dean, Andrew Exnicios, Stephanie Fox, Erica Gilliand, David Halleran, Venetia Halsey, Gary Hurley, Jenny Lee, Whitney Lackey, Rachel Lambert, Andrea Marquez, Tyler McClenahan, Ingrid Mesa, Mike O’Brien, Ryan O’Rourke, Maryanne Osaki, Erin Osborne, Julie Owen, Sue Pierce, Shalini Pierria, Jackie Reese, Kyle Rolfe, Sue Scanlon, Robin Sheridan, Keely Schoonover, Chris Sourov, Anita Souza, Amy Szyszko, Julia Tsurusaki, Cara Wakefield, Candice Weissinger, Lisa Zevenbergen. My hat is off to you all!

And our hats are off to you, Mrs. Dahlgren, for giving our students the opportunity to play even in rain, hail and wind. We are so thankful for you and all the playground volunteers!