COVID-19 Update

Dashboard Update for Week of March 20:

Positive Covid-19 Cases: 5

The Covid Response Team has been tracking positive cases this week in grades 2 and 4. We were notified this morning of a fourth student case in Grade 2 (Oines homeroom). Throughout the course of this week the school has remained in communication with grade 2 families and potential close contacts. Based on the increasing number of cases in this grade, the Oines homeroom was advised to return to masking for the duration of this week. The school’s CRT (Paul Kelley, Dora Hall, and Lee Rolfe) is in contact with representatives from Public Health – Seattle & King County (PHSKC) and they are assisting with the school’s response. Today, PCR testing was recommended by the school for all students in grade 2 (Oines) and specimens were collected this afternoon. Knowing many students gather after school for Art Club, XDC, sporting events and social gatherings, we are asking all students in grade 2 to continue masking at school until further notice.

A Note on Potential Classroom Closure:

We acknowledge it may be on your minds whether the Oines classroom will move to remote learning as a result of these positive cases. At this time, it is not the recommendation of PHSKC to close the classroom. However, another discussion with PHSKC will take place after additional PCR test results post and a final determination may need to be communicated. Should a decision be made for the Oines classroom to go remote, it will be for the duration of next week (3/28-4/1). We are committed to communicating with all affected families as soon as we have more information from PHSKC. On this topic we wish to convey to you we are working hard to ensure we are following PHSKC’s guidelines and recommendations while also keeping in mind the importance of in-person learning for our students.  

What The School is Doing:

  • The school will continue to track positive cases throughout the school. If we see a significant increase in positive cases and/or clusters of positive cases within specific cohorts, we may reinstate masking for a specific cohort, grade level, and/or school-wide.
  • Administration will remain in contact with PHSKC to ensure our school response is in line with the guidance provided.
  • The school remains committed to ensuring a safe and healthy learning environment for our students, faculty, and staff.

Recommended Mitigation:

  • Monitor your child for COVID-19 symptoms, especially if your student is unvaccinated (see below for guidance if child is symptomatic)
  • Remain vigilant in your safety practices 

If Your Child Develops Symptoms, What Should You Do?

  • Regardless of vaccination status, keep your child home.
  • Students should have a COVID-19 test (rapid home test and/or PCR test) performed as soon as possible after symptoms present. The school can offer testing to your child. A consent form must be completed. Email the COVID Response Team to arrange for testing. 
  • Siblings of students that develop symptoms, or test positive, are encouraged to wear a high-quality, well-fitting mask (KN95) to school to prevent any potential spread in other grades/classrooms until COVID test results are available.