Charlie’s Produce

From Charlie’s Produce Website:

  • Charlie’s Produce is committed to improving our environment, the sustainability of our growers, the well-being of our employees, and corporate stewardship.
  • Here at Charlie’s, we have an unwavering commitment to food safety.
  • We believe that there is a clear connection between the health and profitability of a company and the general wellbeing of the community in which it does business.
  • We currently service most of Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Southern California, as well as areas of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada.
Our Founders: Ray Bowen, Charlie Billow and Terry Bagley

Our Founders: Ray Bowen, Charlie Billow, and Terry Bagley

Our core values embody us an organization. They are uncompromising and endure through time, space, and people. They support our culture, define our character and guide our decision making.


We are driven by the idea of always doing the right thing.

  • Relationships – build lasting connections through hard work, compassion, and trust.
  • Accountability – take responsibility for our actions and their outcomes
  • Respect – value the contributions of all team members.
  • Commitment – dedicate ourselves to responsible decisions and exceptional results.


We are committed to serving employees, customers, and community.

  • Empower – challenge our employee’s to take action.
  • Experience – listen, learn, and act on customer expectations.
  • Opportunity – provide a healthy and safe work place to grow personally and professionally.
  • Community – active involvement with non-profit and charitable organizations locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Local – work with regional farms and growers to build and support a strong regional agricultural system.


We take pride in the high quality goods and services that we offer

  • Fresh – provide a supply chain that minimizes the time from farm to table
  • Flavor – value that taste is as important as appearance
  • Safety – execute the highest industry standards for product safety and cold chain integrity
  • People – invest in caring employee’s that are committed and engaged
  • Innovation – explore and introduce new items, processes, and technology