Grade 6 Patrol Duty

Each year sixth grade students serve as members of the School Safety Patrol. This is one of the most important and necessary functions students can perform to assure the safety of their fellow students. In doing so they are learning to contribute positively to the overall welfare of the St. John Community while embracing leadership, and promoting service to others.

The corners served are NW 79th and 1st NW; and the N 79th Street crosswalk between the school and Egan Hall. Students are supervised by the assistant principal, are organized in squads, and assigned for a week at a time, either morning or afternoon. Students will be trained before going on posts for the first time. A formal instruction will be done the first week of school with all the students and their teachers.

Times of duty for patrols are 8:05am to 8:20am, and 3:00pm to 3:15pm (or 15 minutes after an early dismissal). There is a morning squad and an afternoon squad daily.All sixth graders will be involved in this service. To the best of our ability we will accommodate your family schedule. Please fill out the form attached to this letter and return it to the school office. If you have a particular car pool that would be affected, please indicate. Please note: Students assigned to a specific week are required to report each day of that specific week unless illness prevents them from doing so. Given the number of students in the sixth grade for the coming year, students will be assigned to patrol duty one week in every five.

Please complete the following for your student by September 4, 2018.