Smith Brothers Farms

From Smith Brothers Farms Website:

Smith Brothers Farms is a local family-owned and operated dairy that has been serving the greater Puget Sound area for more than 90 years. We have grown to be one of the largest independent dairies in the region, processing and delivering the freshest milk and select Northwest products to more than 50,000 homes every week.

1920 – Benjamin F. Smith starting Smith Brothers Farms with just one cow and a few customers. The Smith family has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Business ventures have included an airplane landing strip and the Smith Tractor & Equipment Company. Ben had five daughters and two sons, Dan and Howard, the namesake’s of Smith Brothers Farms.

Our Milk is Fresh & Local     Our milk comes straight from local, Pacific Northwest dairy farms to your home in just 24-48 hours. We pasteurize (never ultra-pasteurize!) and process milk daily, using the most rigorous quality standards. Store bought milk has likely spent days at processing facilities, on the road, and at various distribution points before making it to the grocery shelf. Home delivery is a lot of fun. It’s also the best way to get farm-fresh milk to you and your family.

Please note: We are committed to the production of high quality dairy products that are safe for consumption. Since raw milk is unpasteurized, it has a much higher likelihood of carrying food-borne pathogens. As such, we do not sell raw milk.

rBST? No Way!     All of our milk comes from local dairy farms that have banned the use of artificial (recombinant) growth hormones (rBST). Our milk is, and has always been, rBST free.