3D Printer Events

3D Printer Orientation

From time to time a quick 30 minute 3D printer orientation is scheduled to introduce students to the core concepts and tools for 3D modeling.  This is not a hands-on session: it is a lecture to inform students what a 3d printer is and how they can use it for school.  Sign up if you are curious and want to learn how to get started with 3d modeling.  Minimum registration of five students for the session to be held — email confirmations will be sent during the week of the scheduled orientation.  Sessions will continue to be offered all year.  The next steps after attending an orientation are one of the following:  (a) get started in TinkerCAD on your own using tutorials on the internet  or (b) attend a 3d modeling hands-on workshop and be guided step-by-step through the basics of creating an object using TinkerCAD.

No sessions are currently scheduled. (Current information about extracurricular activities will always be announced in NewsViews.)


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3D Modeling Hands-On Workshops

NO PREREQUISITE:  You do not need to attend a 3d printer orientation prior to attending the hands-on workshop.

The 3D modeling workshops are hands-on events where students complete a specific project with support and guidance.  Students will learn how to use free 3d modeling and design tools including TinkerCAD, OpenSCAD, InkScape, and Meshmixer to create a 3d model of their project.  Projects are printed after the workshop, with help from student assistants interested in learning how to operate the 3d printer.  These sessions are limited to 12 students in grades 5 – 8.  We will meet on the third floor, get laptops, and walk to the Makerspace together for the workshop.  There is a $10 fee for the workshop.

At school, we use the Apple MacBook.  A USB mouse with 3 buttons including a clickable center scroll wheel is very useful for 3D modeling software if you are not adept at multi-finger use of the MacBook touchpad for panning, scrolling, and zooming.  The school does not provide these, so bring one if you think it will help.  Bluetooth mice are not recommended:  very few students have been successful in pairing Bluetooth mice.

  • “2D to 3D” Workshop      Each student will bring or create a simple line drawing or handwritten sign consisting of black ink on white paper.  We will photograph the drawing and convert the image to the scalable vector graphics (SVG) format suitable for import to TinkerCAD.  Once imported to TinkerCAD, students will extrude the 2d image into the 3rd or Z dimension.  Then it may be sliced with a planar or curved negative shape, embellished with other 3d models, placed on a pedestal or plaque, etc.  Projects will be printed and distributed to students during the week following the workshop.  Here is a simple example:


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