Youth Migrant Project

Students participating in this summer’s Youth Mission in northern Washington not only had fun, but learned about service and how God touches us. In answer to the question, “When you feel God, what does it look like?” students responded, “It looks like…

  • Kindness – Ryker
  • [Migrant workers seemed] happy to have food, sister and brother seemed thankful. I saw God in them. – Portia
  • Saw it in everyone here, the different side of people—Nadia
  • [Their] happy faces—Liz
  • Saw it in Jose talking to kids. The kindness—Emmie
  • Saw it everywhere, the priest forgiving, his persistence—Lucy
  • In the different side of kids. They were, happy, kind, thankful—Jonah
  • Saw it in volunteers (selfless)—Hunter
  • In the volunteers, gave time, spent time with them (saw them as human, brothers and sisters)—Ethan
  • The people. — Jacob
  • When I gave Junior [migrant boy] a piggyback ride, he hugged me and didn’t want to let me go, I was touched – Jake.
  • Eddie [migrant boy] warmed up to me. It was cool. —Louis

Watch for the sign up in the Spring of 2020. This is an experience that will stay with your middle or high school child and build their testimony.