Accreditation Update

Thank you, Fr. Crispin, parents, teachers, and parish staff, for you valuable input during our stakeholders meeting on Tuesday evening. We examined and revised the Student Learning Expectations that our future St. John graduates will be expected to meet by eighth grade. The conversation and collaboration in Egan Hall on Tuesday evening was so inspiring. The faculty will now take the results and develop measurable expectations based on your input. Fr. Crispin and the School Commission will review the new draft and we will then communicate with you again.

We thank you also for your input on the lengthy survey we sent in the late Spring. You were diligent in filling it out and it has taken a while to compile all the data. We will use the data as we go through the self-study, examining the program and determining target goals for the next years. Here is a link to the first batch of quantitative results. We were pleased to note that 87 percent of parents feel their children are being challenged at the appropriate level of difficulty.