Hot Lunch at St. John School

The opening of Crispin’s Kitchen in Egan Hall is a true testament to the power of community.  Through your fundraising efforts and generous volunteerism, the school is proud to offer an affordable hot lunch program.  The mission of the program is to provide nutritious lunches made with fresh ingredients and prepared on site for the children we serve.  This initiative is completely driven by a team of dedicated parents who exemplify the spirit of Fair Share.  We are most grateful for the new kitchen which will support school and parish events.

  • Pre Order Lunch for the Month

    • Ordering portal opens on Thursdays mid-month and closes the last week of each month. Watch NewsViews for open/close dates or check the ordering portal.  Orders are placed on a monthly basis. (Example: Ordering for January opens on Thursday, December 15, and closes on Thursday, December 29, at 11:58pm)  May / June 2017 Lunch Menu
      • Click “Order Hot Lunch Now!” above to go to the ordering portal.
      • To receive a login you must use the email you listed in our Family Directory.
      • Order all days in the month or order just a few – it’s up to you (and your children!).
      • Mondays are designated either Hot Dog Mondays or Pizza Fundraiser Lunches
      • Once you have completed your order you will receive an email confirmation with order details to print.
      • You may edit your order through the end of the ordering period. Once the portal closes your credit card will be charged.
    • On rare occasions, Egan Hall may be needed to accommodate a parish function. In this event, students will receive a sack lunch substitution delivered to the classroom.
  • Prices
    • Hot Dog Mondays:  $4.25 per 1 dog lunch; $5.25 per 2 dog lunch
    • Pizza Fundraisers Mondays:  1 slice w/water, $3.00 – each additional slice is $2.50; apple juice instead of water is $0.50.
    • Tuesday-Friday Hot Lunch Menu
      • $5.00 per lunch (subject to change), includes drink (water or milk – child chooses in line)
  • Refunds
    • Due to the nature of menu preparation and procurement of components for lunches, refunds/edits are not available once the order is placed. St. John School will issue a refund to your credit card for the following exceptions:

Questions and/or comments may be directed to

Interested in volunteering with the lunch program?  Volunteer opportunities exist for meal preparation and with serving and assisting students with lunch.  Sign up for one day or for many throughout the year.  Link Here