Endowment: Get Ready to Score Big for St. John School at the Ultimate Seahawks Tailgate Party! 

Come join the fun at the St. John Endowment event on Sunday, October 22 from 10:30am-4pm at Cortina Restaurant. We know everyone is B-U-S-Y, but here’s a chance to relax and socialize with new and old friends at the Endowment event. Come by for an hour or two, enjoy some amazing food & drinks created by Ethan Stowell, fun games like Hail Mary Pong, PRO Chef game day drink demo by Chef Ethan, and Seahawks prizes. Can you say future Seahawks game tickets?

Our very own parent, Allan Q., former PA President, Director, and DJ extraordinaire, created another fantastic video for this year’s Endowment entitled, CHAOSWatch it and enjoy. Buy your ticket or make a donation to St. John’s Endowment so we can keep our students’ shoes on the right feet! Watch the video and you will understand.

Date: Sunday, October 22
Kick-off Time: 10:30am
Location: Cortina Restaurant
Attire: Casual football attire
Tickets: $75 per person through Sunday, October 15. Purchase your tickets today!

Visit the Endowment website: https://sjess.ejoinme.org/endowment2023

Buy your tickets here: https://sjess.ejoinme.org/endowmenttix2023

Can’t make it to the big St. John tailgate event? No problem! Please consider donating to the Endowment here https://sjess.ejoinme.org/endowmentdonations2023

endowment (en-dou’ment) – To make a grant of money providing for the continuing support or maintenance of a school.

An endowment is a fund held in trust. The principal monies of the St. John School Endowment Fund are invested and kept intact with the goal of generating an annual income. With each investment to the principal, the fund offers a constant source of revenue for future needs. Eventually, net income earned on the principal will help subsidize the school operating budget, provide scholarship assistance, and assist in making capital improvements.

As members of the St. John School community, it is our responsibility to continue the legacy of St. John for generations to come. Donations made to the endowment are preserved and are invested in a professionally managed fund administered by the Fulcrum Foundation, an institution committed to enhancing the financial resources of non-profit Seattle Catholic schools. Contributions are tax-deductible and eligible for matching gifts from many companies.

Current Fund

Through the generosity of school families, parishioners, and the community, our fund today is a little over $1.2 million (September 2022). Our goal is to have annual income for many decades to come.

Please donate what you can to the Endowment Fund. Donations, big and small, make this school as vibrant as it is; thank you! Your gift will enable St. John to remain a bright and dynamic Catholic school for years to come.


Or, if you prefer, gifts can be mailed to:

St. John School Donations – 120 N. 79th Street – Seattle, WA 98103

St. John Endowment Facts

  • When was the Endowment created? Who manages the Endowment fund?
    • The Endowment was created in 1989 through the efforts of former Principal, Dan Sherman and former Development Director, Diane Larson. The Endowment Fund is managed by Fulcrum Foundation, employing a conservative investing approach.
  • How much is the Endowment worth now?
    • The Endowment is now worth a little over $1.2 million. (September 2022)
  • How much money did the Endowment interest benefit the Operating Budget over the past few years?
    • The Endowment distributed $98,600 over the past three years to St. John’s Operating Budget.
  • How much does interest on the Endowment add to the school’s Operating Budget?
    • The Endowment distributed or will distribute the following amounts:
      • 2018/19:  $20,000
      • 2019/20:  $32,000
      • 2020/21:  $21,500
      • 2021/22:  $45,100

Thank you to the St. John community for your continued and generous support. If you have questions about the Endowment, please contact Jonna Skokan or Karen Gunther Bombino.