SchoolMessenger – New Communication Tool

St. John School is updating our automated messaging service. SchoolMessenger will deliver automated phone calls and text messages to parents in our school database. St. John will deliver important announcements regarding school events, weather closures, and emergencies through SchoolMessenger. Unlike our old system, parents must opt in by agreeing to receive the messages to participate in our text messaging campaigns.

Over the next weeks, we will be encouraging parent stakeholders to confirm we have accurate mobile phone numbers in our database and to opt in to our text messaging campaigns.

There are only two requirements for a recipient to receive messages from St. John School via SMS text: the recipient’s wireless number on record in the school office and an “Opt-In Confirmation” from the recipient’s wireless device.

The school will be launching an “Opt-in Confirmation” text messaging campaign on Thursday, December 3 at 7pm. Recipients who want to receive text messages from St. John School can easily opt-in by simply sending “Y” (or “Yes”), via text message, to our SchoolMessenger Short Code number.

Recipients not wishing to receive text messages to a particular number can simply do one of the following:

  • Don’t opt-in and don’t reply to the opt-in invitation message.
  • Text “STOP” to either 67587 or 68453 (whichever is correct for your account) at any time.
  • Opt out online at