Scrip – How Much Do YOU Know?

Here’s a little Scrip quiz-

  1. Can you guess the single Scrip gift card that gives the most percentage back to St. John?
  2. Can you guess how many companies use St. John Scrip gift cards to pay for food, gas or gifts throughout the year?
  3. In an average month (minus December), how many gift cards are sold?

Think about the answers… If you guessed Brown Bear with 300%, 10 companies, and 1,032 gift cards, you are correct.  What if we, as a school and church community increased those numbers by 20%?  The more cards we all buy, the more money goes back to the school!

We will sell Scrip from 2:45-3:15 tomorrow, Friday.  See you there!

Karen Gunther-Bombino,