Smart Tuition Goes Green(er)

Beginning June 2017, any family that is set to receive invoices from Smart will receive them electronically, instead of through snail mail.
 There are no changes for families opting for ACH payments.

Benefits of electronic billing:

  • Convenience
     Families can easily access their invoices just by opening an email. 
It’s the convenient and environmentally friendly way to access monthly statements.
  • Statements are protected
    Paper invoices can be misplaced.  Sometimes they are stolen from mailboxes or trash.  Online statements are secure and password protected.
  • Modern delivery     
Most companies have moved to online delivery.  Additionally, every time an electronic invoice is sent, it’s logged on the family account, so your school is aware of the date the invoice was sent.
  • Faster access to payments
     Families can see their balances and quickly make payments online.  Payments will likely get to your school sooner.
  • Good for the Earth
     Online paperless billing makes us good stewards of our environment and natural resources.  It’s a good thing.