Jog-a-thon Dress Guidelines

This is one of two days of the year when certain exceptions are made to our dress code.

All students should plan to wear Jog-a-thon shirts. Show your school pride and support our sponsors.

  • O.K.  to wear athletic attire (running tights and running shorts may be worn for the running portion of day only). Students should plan to bring a change of clothes if they are planning to wear running tights/shorts.
  • O.K.  to wear shorts (length just above the knee) for the duration of the day if uniform appropriate.
  • O.K.  to wear colored nail polish
  • O.K.  colored hair – please, no aerosol cans at school –  PLEASE NO FACE PAINT
  • O.K. Wigs – to be worn only during running of the event

Have fun!

*Modesty should be considered in regards to clothing choices for Jog-a-thon. Clothing that is too tight fitting, revealing, and not modest in nature will not be accepted. Running tights/shorts may be worn only during the running portion of the day.

Thanks for your support of the event!