Thank You Oktoberfest Volunteers

We had a great time celebrating 100 Years of St. John Parish last weekend! Nearly 300 current and former St. John parishioners and grads came to tour the school, taste beer, and enjoy the Oktoberfest menu provided by Chef Michael Strimban.  Thank you, Alessandra Brescia for taking amazing photos of the event.  Check them out on our Facebook page here!  

Mary Wisemen, Michele Thornquist, Sheila Marty, and Julie Lee would like to thank everyone who volunteered their time to make the 100 year Parish Oktoberfest a great success.  We would especially like to thank:  Mark and Colleen Ando, Michael Bachhuber, Josh Binder, Rachel and Brian Berryessa, Karen Bombino, Alessandra Brescia, Anna Brunette, Gary and Katie Burckhardt, Suzie Burke, Keith Burrell, Kimberly Butler, Jazmin and Rolando Canas, Jorge and Lesli Castellaños, Anita Chan, Rick Capka, Lynnette Chase, Josh Coolbaugh, Jenny Dahl, Lauren and Andrew Exnicios, Shannon Flavin, Mike Fletcher, Loretta Fletcher, Jim & Jennifer Giblin, Amy Gilbrough, Paul, Sue, and Matthew Gleeson, Beth Goodman, Diana Grusczynski, Mari Halley, Mary Kay Jebousek, Kirby Laney, Brooke Larson, Matt Lawrence, Teresa Lombardi, Michael and Shannon Manley, Abby Mansfield, Katie Masiello, Glorilyn Maw, Jeff and Kari-Mae Miles, Amy Murphy, Erin Murphy, Garet and Lisette Nenninger, Adrey Ocampo, Shoshanna Osterfeld, John and Leila Pasco, Matthew and Emily Quint, Ann Richardson, Jim Russell, Carolyn Sherman, Nelle Steele, Joe Thomas, Emily Truong, Susan Turner, Ray Vincenzo, Jan Volk, Irene Wainaina, Hope Wainaina, Jenny Walker, Mead Wehle, and Erin Zink.

Special thanks to Paul Kelley, Steven D’Amelio, Sheila Marty, and Chef Michael Strimban for the extra hours they put in to make this event a success.

Thank you to Dru Bru and Melissa and Shawn Herron; Nor’Sea Brewing, Robb Mapp, and Jonathan Cooper; Michael Osterfeld and Fremont Brewing; Schilling Cider House; Reuben’s Brews; North Coast Brewing, and Doug Willson.