We did it….again!! The Halloween Carnival and Haunted House event was a great success. The ideas for next year’s event are already bubbling like a witch’s brew.

This event would not happen without the tireless efforts of students and adult volunteers.

  • Haunted House (St. John Youth Group):  Thank you, Sheila Connelly, Mari Halley, Tim Harader, Pablo Kelley, Sheila Marty, John Pasco, Leila Pasco, Dan Pelfrey, Ryan Roach, Bridget Sevigny, Matt Steele, Nelle Steele, Kevin Sylvester, Julie Sylvester, Anna F., Pearl S., Drew F., Charlotte H., Emilia A., Elizabeth A., Olivia C., Jacob C., Jacob D., Sam F., Lucy F., Nadia K., Nirvan L., Declan L., Gwen S., Ethan S., Daniel W., Maddy A., Francesca B., Lucy B., Sam B., Christopher C., Madeline E., Elayna G., Rebecca M., Jack M., Robert M., Grace M., Jackson S., Ella S., Olivia P., Dela P., Shelley T., Kiki Y., Gavin G., August P., Maddie M., Theresa R., Bailey W.  A special thank you goes out to Nelle and Matt Steele who tirelessly helped during the breakdown, and an extraordinary, special thank you goes out to John and Leila Pasco without whose vision, determination and sense of humor, the haunted house feature would have vanished like a ghost. Special thanks to Myke Folger for leading the Youth Group.
  • Halloween Carnival (Eighth Grade):  Congratulations to the Class of 2018 – every eighth-grade student worked hard on creating and running the carnival booths.  Thank you to a few seventh graders for helping:  Maddie A., Aidan, M., Cathy J., Robert M., Ella K., Lucy M., Mila S.  Special thanks to Mari Halley for her coordination of the Carnival and all that goes into it!