Relatives Out of Town? Scrip

Does your family have relatives that live out of town – perhaps Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, older siblings – who would really enjoy supporting St. John School?  Scrip is everywhere, literally, in the United States.  Everyone eats, shops, spends; everyone can use Scrip for purchases.  Your child’s relatives can order their Scrip online and support St. John School the same way you do when you buy your Fred Meyer or Applebee’s!

By using Scrip to pay for your regular purchases, say groceries, you earn funds for St. John School every time you shop. You pay face value and your gift card is worth face value, but you earn a rebate for your students on every gift card you purchase. See how much you can earn:

How Much Can You Raise Per Year?

Grocery Spending2% Rebate3% Rebate4% Rebate
$100 per week$104$156$208
$150 per week$156$234$312
$200 per week$208$312$416

Imagine if only 1/2 of our families purchased $150 per week for groceries – most rebate 4% or more – that would  be $57,720.00 per year!  Add to that gifts for Christmas, gas, clothing, and you really make a difference!  Give Scrip a try if you don’t already use it – and keep it up if you do!  Thank you for all you do for the students at St. John School!