Get Ready for Summer With Scrip!

You spend a big portion of your monthly budget on groceries for your family. But did you know there’s a way to make all that money work for you? By using scrip to pay for your regular grocery purchases, you can earn funds for our students every time you shop. You pay face value and your gift card is worth face value, but our school earns a rebate on every gift card you purchase, benefiting our students.

How much can I raise per year?

Grocery Spending 2% Rebate 3% Rebate 4% Rebate
$100 a week $104 $156 $208
$150 a week $156 $234 $312
$200 a week $208 $312


We have 326 families – imagine if all 326 participated at the $100, 4% rebate.  This would total $67,800!  What does that mean to your students?  Classroom aides, books, materials, special activities, and so much more!

Contact Tricia Kane-Yi and Andrea Vaught to order or get started with scrip, today!