Hot Lunch; It’s a Wrap…almost

Hot Lunch Service ends today, May 31.  We are not offering a menu for the month of June.  We are, however, having a FREE Lunch Day on Tuesday, June 5, for the entire student body.  Lunch will be roast turkey sandwiches with all the fixin’s including dessert.

We want to send Matthew Gleeson, Chef’s Assistant a heartfelt “thank you” for his service this year.  Matthew has accepted another position and will be sorely missed.  Good luck, Matthew!

Thank you is not enough to say to our wonderful kitchen volunteers.  The lunch program would not be the same without you!  To Chef Michael Strimban, thank you, thank you!  To the rest of the kitchen team – Sean Laverty, Mark Gerling, Ryan Roach, Kara Dacquisto, John Eberly, and Shannon Flavin (dessert diva!)-your efforts are so appreciated. Special thanks to the core volunteer team who staffed many lunch hours to help with meal preparation and service. You dedication, reliance, and commitment to fair share allows the school to offer affordable, quality lunches.

Looking forward to another great year of service. This year we served over 4,000 meals!