Another Successful Endowment Event

St. John School celebrated another successful endowment event and awarded middle school science teacher, Sven Tice, with the Eagle Award. Mr. Tice was celebrated by two former students, Hannah Cole and Jimmy Nguyen.  Hannah remembered him as “honest but fair, objective but empathetic.” Hannah went on to describe how Mr. Tice not only attended her Holy Names graduation but rode his bicycle to get there and clapped “just as loudly as her father would have” had he been able to attend.  Jimmy Nguyen had these words to say of Mr. Tice, “I am just one student whose life has been changed forever because of Sven Tice and St. John School. I’m not the only one. Whether they are big stories, or little ones, St. John teachers change students’ lives. The patience, understanding, and grasp of student’s needs demonstrated by Sven Tice are traits that are necessary for all great teachers to have. St. John has many great teachers; they are leaders and mentors, and they influence students’ lives every day.” St. John grads Luke Gaskill and Sophie Butler created a video in recognition of Mr. Tice that can be viewed here.

Proceeds from the event are placed in the school endowment fund which supports the school operating budget including teacher salaries.  The fund now exceeds $1.1 million and a portion of the proceeds are drawn annually.  It’s never too late to donate.  You can do so here.

Thank you to chef Michael Strimban and his kitchen staff for the amazing meal featuring Hamma Hamma oysters, Wyoming Rib Eye, and Alaska Salmon (thank you Arruela family).  Desserts were hand crafted by Shannon Flavin, Ali Feary, and Barb Folger.  We enjoyed donated beverages from Dru Bru (thank you Herron family),  Fremont Brewing, North Coast Brewing Co., Schilling Cider, Nor’Sea Brewing, Mischief Distillery, and Precept Wine.

Many volunteers contributed to the event including Endowment Committee members Kimberly Butler, Paul Kelley, Julie Lee, Lisa Mendenhall, Bernadette O’Leary, Shoshanna Osterfeld, Emily Truong, Amy Vithaythil, and Mary Wiseman.  Thank you to event volunteers Kari Aguila, Keith Burrell, Kara Dacquisto, Matt Diefenbach, Rachel Douglas, Angela Doyle, Ann Foley, Emily Hallman, Joe Kearney, Kevin Kindrick, Mary Lamb, Monica Lenoci, Anna McCarthy, Geeta McCormack, Jenny McGovern, Carlene Merlino, Kari & Jeff Miles, Dave Mohler, HongPhuc Nguyen, Shawn Overby, Maureen Rimkus, Tara Stone, Jill & Ray Vincenzo, Michelle Vierra, and Irene Wainaina,

Thank you to photographer Alessandra Brescia. You can check out photos from the event on our school Facebook page.