Traffic Safety Reminders

Due to multiple construction projects in the neighborhood we have seen an increase in congestion.  With that comes an increase of risk to our students.  Parents, please review and remind your students:

  • Always use crosswalks and/or traffic lights to cross streets, even if it means you walk an extra block to get to a safe crossing.
  • Never cross Greenwood Avenue N. at N. 79th Street.  There are lights and crosswalks at 80th.
  • Never drop students off on 80th St. near the playground gate or in the handicap zone, or allow students to exit your vehicle in standing traffic.
  • Always leave 30 feet between your car and the corner when parking, leaving a safe sight line for pedestrians. Vehicles are ticketed regularly by SPD Parking Enforcement.

Please review the traffic pattern map, and do your very best to follow it.  Remember, too, that the intersection of N. 79th Street and 1st Ave NW is now a four-way stop.