Scrip is Online For Your Ordering!

Scrip now may be ordered and paid for online!   Access anytime through the school website – from the header menu click Giving > Scrip.  Simply select what you want and pay with your credit card.  Our most popular cards are prepopulated. Menu links for all other vendor cards available are listed Alphabetically and by Category.  There is a cost associated with ordering your scrip online.  We must pass on the payment vendor charge to you, 2.2% of the total plus 30 cents per transaction.  Example: Order $100 worth of scrip, pay online $102.50.

Do you have, or would you like to set up a Standing Order?  Set one up and pay online for your Standing Orders through the site.

We are doing our best to make purchasing scrip as easy as possible for you.  Of course, you can always shoot an email to Scrip with an order and then send in a check. The lists online are helpful in your selection.

Any way you choose to order, orders received by Wednesday will be delivered on Friday.

Take a look at the site, try it out, let us know what you think!  No more checks, and you can begin racking up the miles!

Scrip, Part of Your Fair Share Commitment!