Thank You for the Open House Help!

We have hosted several open house events this month.  Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to welcome new families, help clean up, and bake homemade treats: Tyler Christofferson, Morgan Cunningham,  Anastasia Deeble, Jane, Marlon, & Carlo Deniega, Marion Eberly, Amelia Eberly, Tom Erickson, Andrew Exnicios, Erica Gilliland, Tom Gleason, Melissa Herron, Connor Lee, Glorilyn Maw, Geeta McCormack, Paige McNerthney, Kari-Mae Miles, Catherine Musangi, Madeline Pennington, Tracy Ng Robertson, Andie Roff, Tracy Saveria, Jennie Steldt, Tara Stone, Di Tran, and Jill Vincenzo.

The middle school tour guides were fantastic at the All School Open House.  Thank you to Marin A., Ryen B., Olivia C., Jake D., Carina H., Declan L., Madison M., Daphne M., Eleanor R., Sage V., and Daniel W.