Hot Lunch Portal Opens for September Orders

St. John School’s hot lunch program will begin service on Monday, September 9.  The ordering portal will open Friday, August 23, at 4pm.

Instructions for ordering for a student NEW to the school:

Instructions for ordering for a RETURNING student:

  • Login here (click reset password link if you can’t remember password)
  • Update your child(ren)’s teacher and grade
  • Place your order and make sure to hit “complete” at end

Class assignments will be available online in PowerSchool beginning Friday, August 23, at 4pm.

We are happy to welcome back Michael Strimban (Chef), David Benefiel (Assistant Chef), Di Tran (Chef’s Assistant), and a welcome to the team to Neta Green (Chef’s Assistant).  A big thank you to all of our volunteers without whose help we would have no program, especially John Eberly (portal creation, maintenance, management) and Kara Dacquisto (Dietitian, menu creation).