CRS Rice Bowl – Lenten Reflection for the Family

Maria Ana from Honduras is no different.  Her family’s home was destroyed in a recent accident, and her family is living in a temporary space—a small wooden hut—until they can get it fixed.  It’s been hard living without a permanent place to call home.  Everyone sleeps on the floor, and during the rainy season, the roof often leaks.  Maria Ana is hopeful her family will have a new house soon.

“I want to keep studying so I can help my family succeed,” she says.

To help make the dream a reality, Maria Ana works hard in school—and CRS provides school lunches to ensure she can focus on her studies and not on her hunger.  Maria Ana also works in her community to earn money to support her family. At home, she helps with chores, like washing the school uniforms, helping to prepare the family meal, and fetching and boiling water to make it drinkable.


Have you ever had to move from your home? What did it feel like? If not, imagine what it might be like. What would you miss most?


In the Gospel story of the loaves and the fishes, Jesus fed the crowd because they were far from home, hungry, and without food. Have you ever been far from home and hungry? How can you help feed people whose homes may be far from yours?