St. John Distance Learning Community

Thank you, parent educators, for your support and patience as we continue our home school journey.  You may have noticed an increase in Zoom class meetings.  To help preschool through fifth-grade students stay on top of their meetings, check teacher emails and webpages.  For middle school students, places to check include Teams pages, teacher emails and teacher webpages.  Some Zoom meetings are also automatically scheduled on the student’s Teams and Outlooks calendars.

Continue to enrich your studies this summer.  Summer Solutions workbooks are now available to order.  To order:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the level that matches your child’s current grade level
  3. Select your books
  4. Make sure to select the Common Core books
  5. Enter the school code at checkout JHN98103
  6. Your books will be delivered directly to your house this year

Continue to email pictures of your distance learning to Jonna Skokan.  #bekind #courageouscatholicschools