Be Spirited, Be Fearless, Be Kind

Last week’s Spirit Week was a joyful celebration of our community.  We are so thankful for our students, our families, and our teachers and staff.  Next week, let your spirit soar and spread hope and compassion to all:  Be Spirited, Be Fearless, Be Kind!

Monday, May 18:  Mask-a-thon

Show us your best mask!  With state guidelines advising us to wear masks in public, we want to see pictures of your best mask!  Are you a master mask maker?  Make one or ten and donate them to our School and Parish.  There are many mask-making tutorials, including one from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Contact Sheila Marty for drop off information.  Send pictures to Jonna Skokan of you making masks to wear and share.

Tuesday, May 19:  Feed Your Spirit, Feed Others

The 7th Graders are working in partnership with Greenwood Elementary to provide food for over 25 local families.  Collection dates are May 19-21, from 1-3pm.  Please drop off a donation in the bin at the northeast door of St. John School.  Donation suggestions:  fresh fruit and vegetables, oatmeal, and granola bars.  More suggestions and information can be found on the flyer.

Wednesday, May 20:  Wacky Wednesday

Let loose!  Show us your crazy hair, sunglasses, hats, clothes, nails, and socks!  Take it a step further and try to make your own sunglasses using aluminum foil and household items.  Have fun and get wacky!

Thursday, May 21: Thoughtful Thursday

Random Acts of Kindness:  Check in with your neighbor or friend, make them a card or leave someone a care package.  Don’t forget about your class Unbound friend!  Seventh-graders are spearheading the collection for Unbound.  For more information on donating to the grade-specific Unbound friend, please refer to the 7th Grade Unbound Information sheet.

Friday, May 22:  Joyful Friday

Participate in the Hope Grows Here project and “grow” your window garden or create chalk art on your sidewalk and leave messages of hope and joy.

Attend Mass of the Ascension at 3pm, which will be live-stream on the Parish Facebook Page.  No flowers to the church, please. 

Send your Be Spirited, Be Fearless, Be Kind pictures to Jonna Skokan.