Support Our Unbound Friends

Please do not forget your Unbound classmate!  The 7th graders are still collecting for Unbound and would like you to know that your donations help the sponsored children with their education, nutrition, and healthcare.

As we head into the summer months, we ask our St. John Community to help us continue providing financial assistance to these young people.  Statistics show 51% of sponsored students stay in school and, in particular, through Unbound, 76% of female participants realize academic achievements at levels comparable to or greater than their peers.

Our summer goal is $1,800 school-wide; we can reach this goal if each student donates $5.  Any funds collected over our goal will support our 8th-grade Unbound student as well as Unbound’s Disaster Response Fund, helping families most affected by COVID-19.

You can donate in the following ways:

  • You can bring a donation if/when you visit the school for a pick-up/drop-off with your teacher (on assigned days)
  • You can Venmo® a donation to Kristin Kent.  She is the Coordinator of Faith Formation in the parish office, and she has been physically collecting Unbound donations from the classrooms since the program began.  Kristin’s Venmo® account is @Kristin-Kent-50.  Please write “Unbound for _____ grade” in the notes.
  • You can donate through the parish website using VANCO®.  Click on EFT/ACH Donation and scroll down to the  “UNBOUND Support” line.  We ask that you use a checking account when donating through VANCO®, but if you choose to donate with a credit card, please elect to pay the offset fee so that your donation is not diluted by credit card fees.